I Need to prioritize & Do the Important Things First!

Q. Are you settling for less than what you are worth and capable of?

A. Yes probably! I think I have a good amount of belief in myself & confidence to back it up but could always do better & achieve more if I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

Q. What is your biggest struggle in life?

A. Procrastination….. Always finding other things to do that take me away from what I want to do. Not prioritizing & doing the important stuff!

Q. If someone disagrees with you, how do you deal with it?

A. Depends on who it is – if it is someone whose opinion I value, I take heed of what has been said, decide on where I now stand having the different point of view & move on. If I truly believe I’m right – I stand up for myself & my beliefs.

Q. When things don’t go the way you want them to go, how do you handle the disappointment?

A. I try to look at the silver lining or make the best out of a situation that I may not feel has gone my way – I may list the problem & then come up with solutions that would take me closer to my ideal outcome. Usually I take the bull by the horns & make decisions early on so that I don’t get too many disappointing situations.

Q. What does the word fear mean to you and what are you most fearful of, if anything?

A. Fear means having thoughts that can be paralyzing. I am most fearful of not being able to act on my decisions for fear of it not being the right one so I chop & change what I do.

Q. If your partner could ask you to stop doing one thing to make them happier, what do you think that would be?

A. Telling them what I think they want to hear!

Q. What are you passionate about?

A. Finding joy in everything, following my passion, loving, having balance in my life, being authentic, learning, growing, being the best I can be, sharing & caring for others… probably too many things to list. To sum it up living a sensational life! Being the best me that I can be……

Q. If the whole world was listening to you right now, what is the most important message or piece of advice you would like to give them?

A. That we only have one life, one planet & one go at this – we all need to learn to love one another, to do the right thing for our environment & for the next generations. We need to be kind to ourselves, love ourselves & then treat others accordingly. To learn to live the very best life we can envisage for ourselves & our families.

Q. What is the biggest thing that holds you back from achieving your dreams?

A. Being too comfortable with what I already have! Not being hugely motivated by fear or want of anything.

Q. How do you deal with procrastination?

A. Make lists, sort into priorities & get to work. Some days I just take stock of where I am & what I want, re-assess my goals & the action steps required.

Married mother of 2


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